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For those landlords being asked for rent relief...

For those receiving requests for small business rent relief, advise that any decisions will be made on a case by case basis upon receipt of the following items:

1.      Monthly sales reports for the past 24 months. Please submit in pdf form from your POS system or copies of your filed sales tax reports; 2.      2020 budget for the remainder of the year; 3.      Current marketing plan going forward; 4.      If your business is a franchise, provide a report of the franchisor assistance; 5.      List of your vendors and suppliers other than the landlord who you are requesting assistance from and what assistance they are providing; 6.      Proof of business loss insurance policy - please provide a copy of claim filed and the response received; 7.      Current hours of operation; 8.      Recent changes in staffing; and 9.      Guarantor's current financial statements.

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Dedicated Coronavirus Line: (859) 533-2458

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